A corner of Florence that captures the atmosphere of Venetian bacari,
Where to feel welcomed from sunset to after dinner.

Negroni with Venetian-style creamed cod


Our aperitivo at the counter is an explosion of flavors that will take you from Venetian calle to the cobblestone streets of Florence: Venetian cicchetti and spritz, Tuscan cured meats and cheeses, our specialties and a selection of wines await you to discover the authentic taste of Italian food and wine.

Inside the restaurant


In our restaurant, you will find a menu to satisfy every palate. From meat dishes that recall Tuscan traditions, to seafood delights that evoke the atmosphere of Venetian lagoons, to a vegetarian menu that celebrates the freshness and variety of local produce.

Serra in the Florentine bacaro


An elegant and informal environment will welcome you to spend moments of relaxation and conviviality while giving you an unforgettable dining experience.
Our private rooms are also waiting for you to host business lunches and dinners or to celebrate your special occasions.

Bacaro [pron. bàcaro] In Venetian dialect, small public place, typical of the lagoon city, where food and drink, especially wine and cicchetti (small typical appetizers), are served and consumed.

According to one of the proposed hypotheses, the term is said to derive from the Greek word “bákcharis,” which meant a wine glass, and “bacari” was the name once given to winemakers and vintners who arrived in Venice with a barrel of wine to sell in St. Mark’s Square.
The name “bacari” would in time come to mean small taverns where wine was sold, along with small snacks called “cicheti” or “cicchetti,” such as small portions of fish, cold cuts, cheeses, and vegetables.
According to another hypothesis, it would derive from “far bàcara,” a Venetian expression for “to celebrate.”
Venetian bacari are renowned for their convivial and informal atmosphere, where it is common to stop in for a glass of wine
And a few tasty bites with company.


Il Bacaro fiorentino

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✨ Iniziate la serata con un aperitivo al bancone, assaporando cicchetti veneziani, salumi toscani e formaggi, accompagnati da una selezione di vini pregiati e spritz.