the Restaurant

Our dishes are an invitation to a sensory journey through the suggestions of the Tuscan and Venetian lands, a culinary experience that will lead you to the discovery of authentic and genuine flavors.

In the heart of our kitchen, raw materials are transformed and processed with dedication to give you dishes that tell stories of tradition, innovation and creativity.

We choose ingredients carefully, favoring seasonal ones and making the most of local products to ensure freshness and quality in every dish.

Fresh pasta, prepared with skill and passion, is one of our specialties.

Bigoli freschi al torchio come da antica tradizione “in salsa”
(sarde sotto sale, cipolla e profumi di alloro)

Whipped cod with olive oil on yellow polenta

Fresh Bigoli hand-pressed in the ancient tradition “in sauce” (sardines under salt, onions, and bay leaf aromas)

Potato gnocchetti in “busara” sauce (traditional Venetian sauce with langoustines)

Grilled sea bass fillet on buttered salted vegetables

Calamarata with artichokes, egg cream,
and fresh pecorino cheese -

Fried burrata filled with basil pesto,

accompanied by smoked eggplant and cherry tomatoes seasoned with olive oil

Pea velouté served with fried zucchini flowers, sour cream, and black olive powder

Calamarata with artichokes, egg cream, and fresh pecorino cheese

Sautéed cardoncelli mushrooms, potato foam, and poached egg

Filetto alla griglia con i suoi demi glace
Grilled fillet with its demi glace


Filetto (filet)

Controfiletto (sirloin)