About Us

A corner of Florence that captures the atmosphere of Venetian bacari, where you can feel welcome and comfortable from sunset to after dinner.

Our counter aperitivo will take you from Venetian calle to the cobblestone streets of Florence: Venetian cicchetti and spritz, Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses, our specialties and a selection of wines await you to discover the authentic taste of Italian food and wine.

Our menu rediscovers traditional fare with a touch of innovation and creativity.

From meat dishes that recall Tuscan classics, to seafood delights that evoke the atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon, to a vegetarian menu that celebrates the freshness and variety of local produce.

In our kitchen we work raw materials with dedication and prepare fresh pasta with skill and passion.

Our wine list has a carefully curated selection of bottles from Tuscany and Italy, chosen to enhance your dining experience.

In the kitchen: chef Luca Marin

Venetian by birth and Florentine by adoption, he began working in the restaurant industry at the age of fifteen, in the most renowned trattorias and osterias in the province of Treviso, and later consolidated his training within starred restaurants.
In 2003 he moved to Tuscany and began his culinary journey as a chef blending his roots with local gastronomic treasures, selecting them with care and attention to seasonality.
Within the Bacaro he brings 30 years of experience celebrating the fusion of the flavors and traditions of his two chosen lands.

At the counter: Endrit Devolli

As a child, he loved to watch with curiosity as his grandmother prepared family recipes. The Mediterranean scents and flavors of those moments are etched in his memory.
Over the years, that curiosity turned into passion, and passion became a profession.
At Bacaro he is the keeper of the counter: for him, the aperitif is not just a fleeting moment, but a journey through flavors and aromas that is renewed every night. Each bite is a story to be told, an experience to be lived, a unique and compelling culinary adventure.